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Services Offered - Outpatient Treatment

Medication Assisted Therapy

Skye Counseling offers medication assisted therapy for those struggling through opiate addiction. Please visit for more information or resources.

Therapy Sessions

Skye Counseling is here to help those in need that are struggling through mental health issues and substance abuse. We offer individual, couples, and family therapy sessions and our adaptable staff is ready to address all the treatment needed at your pace. We offer therapy services to adults, teenagers, and children of all ages.

Group Counseling and Classes

Skye Counseling currently offers all the classes and group counseling sessions listed below. All classes offer a unique and flexible curriculum for both men and women. Please contact us to inquire about days and times of classes.

  • Anger management Group Counseling

  • Impact of Crime on Victims Class

  • Domestic Violence Group Counseling

  • Parenting Group Counseling

  • Substance Abuse and Drug Education Group Counseling

Telehealth Video Sessions

Skye Counseling offers video conference counseling sessions. To sign up follow the link below, click on the provider you would like, "I am a new client". This feature is HIPPA approved and an easier way to receive help when distance is an issue.

Crisis Intervention

For those going through crisis, Skye Counseling has qualified staff to help those in immediate fear or danger for themselves or others.

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